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Even Gods Do: Peter/Caitlin
...there's a rise, there's a fall...
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22nd-Jan-2008 11:47 pm - Fic: O Negative
Title : O Negative
Fandom: Heroes
Characters/Pairings: Peter/other character, Peter/Caitlin, Peter/Claire
Rating: R (adult themes, violence)
Disclaimer: No money is made. Only fun.
Spoilers: AU from 2.06 - The Line, which means Adam doesn’t exist and Peter doesn’t find his memory back.
Summary: Nothing lasts forever, everybody knows that. He just thinks it’s unfair that only the exception can witness how merciless the rule is.

Author’s Notes:
A while ago, saestina wrote Face in the Crowd, a fabulous fic about Claire struggling with immortality. She gave me the nod to write Peter’s part, and this is it!
Thanks to her for the beta-read, of course, and for poking my muse with her amazing fic.

Face in the Crowd by saestina

(O Negative)
14th-Jan-2008 05:52 pm - Merchandise. Garlic & Gaelic
1920's Style Default - Made by just_smil

I know that it has been very quiet in the "Heroes World" and thus the Peter/Caitlin world... but I stumbled onto this great sweat shirt that just screamed Paitlin to me. So I thought I'd share.
11th-Jan-2008 06:34 pm - Fanfiction Website
It's just opened and I still have to upload a banner and icons to use on there but here's the link to a paitlin related only fanfiction site ^_^

Peter and Caitlin Online Fanfiction

Feel free to post and read the fics on there

The more the merrier
9th-Jan-2008 06:13 pm - CSI New York: Katie Carr
1920's Style Default - Made by just_smil
Reminder: Katie Carr's episode of CSI New York that was scheduled for December is set to actually air TONIGHT on CBS. 10 Eastern/ 9 Central PM.
3rd-Jan-2008 03:31 pm - Website

Hope you all had a great christmas and new year!

I had some free time, and because there isn't one yet I made a basic 'Paitlin' website. Nothing fancy, a very kind and lovely sole is going to do that for us when life allows her :wink: :woot!: Just wanted to see what it would look like with goodies all put together. Just for fun.

(click on the picture to get to there)

2nd-Jan-2008 12:15 pm(no subject)
[140+ // 20 anim] 
Milo Ventmiglia, Adrian Pasdar, Zachary Quinto, Ali Larter
Greg Grunberg, Masi Oka, Sendhil Ramamurthy,
Hayden Panettiere, Kristen Bell,


Click here for more
*** H A P P Y   N E W    Y E A R ! ! ! ****
31st-Dec-2007 02:20 pm - Paitlin music video
nerdy girl
Hey all. I finally finished my first music video. This is for jadeblood who asked for a Peter/Caitlin video using one of the songs from her fanmix she made. I picked Running Up That Hill by Within Temptation. This was a Christmas present. It's obviously a little late, but sometimes these things take time.
It's about Peter and Caitlin's story arc and Peter's quest to stop the virus and save Caitlin. Hope everyone here likes it.


29th-Dec-2007 01:13 pm - Katie News: Dinotopia TONIGHT.
1920's Style Default - Made by just_smil

Hello. Just to let you guys know that Katie's movie/miniseries Dinotopia will be airing Today at 5pm (4pm Central) on the Scifi Channel. The miniseries is 6 hours long so set your timers accordingly if you plan to record it.

Along with Katie, the other stars are Wentworth Miller (Prison Break), Tyron Leitso (Wonderfalls) and David Thewlis (Harry Potter Films).
23rd-Dec-2007 01:20 pm(no subject)

[0 - 90] Heroes
---- [001 - 071] Milo/Peter & Milo/Adrian - Peter/Nathan
---- [072 - 075] Adrian/Nathan
---- [076 - 080] Sendhil/Mohinder
---- [081] Ali/Niki
---- [082 - 083] Masi/Hiro
---- [085] Group
---- [086 - 090] Zachary Quinto / Sylar
[76 - 100] Prison Break [Pilot]


[Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh.]

This is probably going to seem random, but I know some people on here have been looking for non-Heroes pics of Katie, and I found a couple more. They're from a film she made in 2005 called Four Corners of Suburbia.

Cut for SizeCollapse )
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