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A Peter and Caitlin Shipper Community

Welcome to "Even Gods Do", a community for Peter/Caitlin of Heroes. These two have expressed a deep amount of devotion toward one another and share wonderful chemistry on screen. Their story, regardless of the end result, is a fascinating and engaging journey that transcends even time itself. If you agree, please read the guidelines below and join us!

This community got its name from the song "Even Gods Do" by Thea Gilmore.

What We're Looking For...

Icon posts, fan fiction (all ratings are allowed), fan art, manips, pic-spams, show news, actor news (for Milo or Katie), essays, discussions, videos, fanmixes... Pretty much anything relating to Peter/Caitlin, the characters individually, or the actors representing them is highly encouraged. If you have any questions or suggestions or just want to introduce yourself, feel free to speak up!

Rules and Posting Guidelines

When you join, your membership must first be approved by one of the community maintainers. Please be patient with us in this. Mainly we are doing this to avoid trolls and spamming. If you feel your membership was rejected unfairly, you may contact us via email: peter.caitlin.at.lj[at]gmail[dot]com.

1. No flaming or bashing OF ANY KIND will be tolerated whatsoever. If you hate this ship or Caitlin, then why are you here? If you don't like us, then we don't want you here. Period. If you post comments saying you hate the relationship or either of the characters, they will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be banned.

2. No rumors or gossip about the actors or their real lives will be accepted. There are plenty of communities out there for celebrity gossip, but this isn't one of them. We want confirmed NEWS.

3. No incest or pedophilia. This is a community for a non-related, adult couple, and there's no real reason to have anything other than that here.

4. SPOILERS should be behind a cut. I cannot emphasize this enough. There are a number of people who are still catching up or live outside of the US and don't get episodes as quickly as the rest of us. Please be sensitive to this.

5. Icon posts should contain only three teasers. The rest should be behind a cut or linked to another entry elsewhere.

6. Fan fiction should be posted in the following format:

Title: Call it something
Author: Your name/screen name
Disclaimer: Make sure we know what you do or do not own
Rating: G - NC-17 (all ratings allowed)
Characters/Pairings: Peter, Caitlin, Peter/Caitlin, etc…
Warnings: Violence, Spoilers, etc…
Summary: Give a description of what the story is about so we know a little of what we’re in for

The body of the story should be placed BEHIND a cut or linked to another site or entry.

7. Pic-Spams or other images should be behind a cut. Any teaser images should be no larger than 250x250.

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Up For Adoption

If you wish to contact one of us for any reason,
please see our Page a Moderator post.

For now, this is by invitation only.

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